Wim van der Linden



Wim van der Linden ( 1941 - 2001), Dutch cineast , photographer. The sixties underground popscene, streetlife and Fluxus art movement was Van der Lindens main inspiration.He moved himself between the London 'rockers', the Amsterdam 'nozems', the Paris and New York street scenery.Van der Linden started together with artist Jan Cremer the Press Syndicate in 1962 to produce Van der Lindens serie 'Sad Movies'.He became well known for his controversy and diverse tv programs for national and international tv broadcast stations.

Between 1962 en 1973 Van der Linden documented and photographed the way of life and friendship with Jan Cremer in a periode to be called later ; ' from working class to working glass hero....'. Jan Cremer, the main figure in this project, embodied the new era to come in a setting of poverty, demolition and decay.

A collection of black and white photography of two remarkable artists and their road trip.From meeting artist Karel Appel in Paris Les Halles in the sixties, Frank O' Hara in Amsterdam,Chelsea Hotel New York, Regent Hotel London, Lille, Stockholm, Norway, Finland to the Dutch Volendam.

Wim van der Linden
Title: Working class hero / Jan Cremer, Amsterdam 1963

Wim van der Linden photographed between 1963 and 1973 more than 1000 images of Jan Cremer. In this book we see a personal choice of Jan Cremer.