Jan Cremer



'I Jan Cremer' must be the most successful piece of Dutch fiction in terms of sales and controversy. Originally published in 1964, it made its young author, an avant garde artist who developed his own style of abstract painting, internationally famous. In 1972 Jan Cremer was to claim that his work had been translated into 12 languages, and published in 30 countries, and that he'd sold 12 million books.

Jan Cremer was born in Enschede in The Netherlands, near the German border, on 20th April 1940. His father, a world travel writer and qualified engineer, had disappeared, leaving his Hungarian born wife, newly arrived in The Netherlands, to care for a child during the Nazi occupation, which is where 'I Jan Cremer' begins. As a young man he becomes a smuggler, a marine, a beatnik artist in Ibiza, a merchant seaman, a criminal, an art student with a bursary in Paris,an amateur actor,complete with a series of love affairs.His novel reflects a sense of splintered identity, there is an endearing mixture of humour, brutality, rebellion, told in a large number of short chapters which seem to swerve between identities.

Cremer declared war on double standards, challenged authority and taboos at any given opportunity.In 2008 he published the 3rd sequence of his novel.This time he reveals the roaring life during the sixties in New York.

During his travels Jan Cremer photographed any possible situation to document where he once was. About people, about places where activities of the locals took place and sometimes where isolation became as abstract as his paintings.Suite 59 Gallery represents an exclusive choice of vintage prints of the analogue photography of the artist Jan Cremer.

Jan Cremer
Title: Coney Island, NewYork 1965